Music composer and sound designer for visual media, graduated Bachelor of Music at the HKU University of Arts: Music & Technology.

Experienced in work for film, animation, games, commercials, theater and video-installations.



Music and sound design for animation ”Diep” by Michelle Verhoeks. Won second price at the NFF(Nederlands Filmfestival) student competition 2017



Music for short film ”Uit de tijd” by Coen van Beek



Music for video-installation ”I.R.E.” by Danja Dane. Nominated for an HKU award.



Music and sound design for game ”Atlas” by Paula van den Besselaar.  Audio implementation by Milan Wijnmalen. Assisting sound design by Milan Wijnmaalen.




Sound design for game ”[UN]BORN” by Timothy Schelhaas.  Music and audio implementation by Milan Wijnmaalen



Music and sound design for 48 hours film ”Second Date” by Elwin Rijken



Music and sound design for webseries ”Pose” by Coen van Beek and Vincent Plu. Assisting music composers and musicians Niek Braun and Yerassimo Podaras. Assisting sound design Oscar Klok and Nino de Wit.




Sound design for 6 screen video-installation by Renko Koppe, Huig van den Hoofdakker and Nour Abdullaa




Sound design for videoclip ”Contracontra – Drijfhout”